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Edith Stein's life story

12 October 1891
born in Breslau as the 11th child of Siegfried Stein and Auguste, née Courant (she grew up with only 7 siblings, as 4 of them did not survive infancy).

10 July 1893
Death of her father Siegfried Stein

12 October 1897
Attends the Viktoria School in Breslau

May/ March 1906/1907
Stay in Hamburg

Attends the upper lyceum of the Viktoriaschule


High school diploma in Breslau with excellent honours


Studies in Breslau: Philosophy, German Studies, History


Studies in Göttingen: Philosophy (Husserl), German studies and history.
State examination in Göttingen. Private lectures by Max Scheler

7. April -1. Sept. 1915

Service in the epidemic hospital of the German Red Cross in Mährisch-Weißkirchen


Traineeship to become a teacher in Breslau

3 August 1917

Rigorosum in Freiburg. Doctorate "summa cum laude"

17. August 1916-1918

Academic assistant to Prof Husserl in Freiburg



Encounter with Anna Reinach



Private scientific work; unsuccessful attempts at habilitation


Summer 1921

Reading the "Life of St Teresa of Avila"; decision to join the Catholic Church

1 January 1922

Baptism in the parish church of St Martin in Bergzabern in the name of Theresia Hedwig


2 January 1922

First Holy Communion


2 February 1922

Confirmation in the house chapel of the Bishop of Speyer



Teacher at the girls' lyceum and at the teacher education college of the Dominican Sisters of St Magdalena in Speyer. Translation work and other academic activities. Lecture tours at home and abroad, including: Ludwighafen, Munich, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna, Cologne

29 February 1932

Lecturer at the Institute for Scientific Pedagogy in Münster


Further lectures in Essen, Augsburg, Berlin, Juvisy, among others


20 April 1933

Under public pressure, Edith Stein declares the end of her teaching activities in Münster


30 April 1933

Prayer in St Ludgeri's Church for the Carmelite vocation


21 May 1933

Meeting with Dr Elisabeth Cosack in Cologne and first visit to the Carmel. Return journey to Münster in the evening


17/19 June 1933

Conversation with the monastery commissioner Dr Lenné.

Conversation with the Carmelite nuns. Return journey to Münster


19 June 1933
Telegram “Joyful approval of the Carmel”


13 October 1933

Farewell to the family in Breslau


14 October 1933

Joins the Carmelite convent in Cologne as a postulant

15 April 1934

Dressing as Sister Teresia Benedicta a Cruce

21 April 1935

First vows, profession for three years

14 September1936

Tod ihrer Mutter Auguste Stein

24 December 1936

Baptism of Rosa Stein in Cologne

21 April 1938

Eternal promises

31 December 1938

Relocation to the Carmel in Echt



Origin of her most important works: "Finite and Eternal Being"; "Science of the Cross"; also many smaller works


1 July 1939

Rosa Stein comes to Echt


26 July 1942

Pastoral letter from the Dutch bishops


2 August 1942

Arrested with Rosa Stein and transferred to the Amersfoort camp


4 August 1942

From Amersfoort to the Westerbork collection camp


7 August 1942

Transport of 987 men, women, and children from the Westerbork camp to the Auschwitz extermination camp, including around 60 Jews who had been baptised Catholic.

Short stop of the transport in Schifferstadt


8/9 August 1942

Arrival in Auschwitz, killing of 523 people by poison gas in Birkenau



75th Catholic Congress in Berlin. The VkdL (Association of Catholic German Teachers) applies for beatification


4 January 1962

Opening of the ecclesiastical process for the beatification of Edith Stein

by the Archbishop of Cologne, Josef Cardinal Frings

25 July 1962

Opening of the process for Edith Stein's writings


7 July 1971

Celebration of the conclusion of the writing process in Cologne

7 March 1972

Opening of the third sub-process: "De-non-cultu"


9 August 1972

Conclusion of the diocesan process by Cardinal Höffner at a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of Edith Stein's death in the Carmel in Cologne; subsequent transfer of all files to Rome.


1 May 1987

Beatification of Edith Stein by Pope John Paul II in the stadium in Cologne-Müngersdorf


11 October 1998

Canonisation by Pope John Paul II in Rome


1 October 1999

Declaration on the co-patroness of Europe

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